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***** FANTASTIC” The Herald

15 - 27 August 2011

Directed by Dan Hyde
Produced by Florence Odumosu

Lulu - Abbey Mordue
Mark - Ian Baksh
Robbie - Billy Knowles
Gary - Matthew Bunn
Brian - Warren Taylor

Lulu wants Robbie who wants Mark who wants Gary. Everything is for sale in Mark Ravenhill’s most explicit and controversial play.

Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel
34 Bread Street, Edinburgh

“Mark Ravenhill’s Shopping and F***ing is one of the most controversial British plays of the 90s due to its brutal sexual violence and dark humour. Theatre Company About Turn attack the text with a raw energy that never hides from the play’s bleak outlook... There are some unbearably dark moments within this performance that will have audience members squirming in their seats, so be warned - if you are easily shocked then this will not be the show for you… Director Dan Hyde has clearly a deep understanding of the text and manages to coax out some very impressive performances from his cast. The two standouts are Billy Knowles and Abbey Mordue who played Robbie and Lucy. They perfectly fit the tone and look of the production from the outset and give very funny, honest performances. Matthew Bunn gives a very broad performance as the teenage prostitute, but it suits his character well as he brings the wide-eyed innocence of this troubled youth to the fore and perfectly handles the darker undertones of the character… The production as a whole is a hard-hitting, explosive, visceral experience that will not be easily forgotten. It’s a difficult play and a very brave choice on behalf of this up-and-coming theatre company. It won’t go down well with a lot of people due to Ravenhill’s brutally dark take on humanity, but for those who prefer their theatre a with a little more edge I couldn’t recommend this production highly enough. I eagerly look forward to see what’s next from this company - so long as it’s not Sarah Kane’s Blasted.” - Broadway Baby ****