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***** FANTASTIC” The Herald

4 - 9 August 2008

Rocket@Demarco Roxy Art House, Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh

What makes a gay man and Jewish woman spend the night together? Forced to explore new terrain with Thermos and Tupperware, ‘The Vagina Monologues’ meets ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in this new play that tackles how the education system copes with homosexuality and how people cope with getting older and wiser - from fifteen to forty.

Production Team

Director: Soraya Radford
Producers: Sarah Peters & Jovita Caygill
Sound and Lighting: Jovita Caygill


Melanie Hill / Laura: Michele Flatto
Tony Hill / Jon: Dan Hyde

“INSPIRED by recent debate and ongoing prejudice, Outward Bound hinges on whether a gay teacher has a duty to provide a role model for students struggling with their sexuality. Writer and performers Michele Flatto and Dan Hyde play right-on Jewish divorcee Melanie, losing faith in her vocation, and Tony, a young gay teacher who believes equality has been achieved, maintaining a laissez-faire attitude to the student camping trip they are supervising. With the pair also playing Laura, a bolshy, isolated student and her best friend Jon, persecuted for his sexuality by the school bully, the play opens with the sort of generational battle of ill-wills that suggests a trivial clash of stereotypes. Gradually though, the characters and their motivations emerge and what might have become unbearably worthy displays real soul, making a compelling case against the schoolyard equation of “gay” as “crap” being harmless. Outward Bound is thoughtful and provocative.” Scotsman